Monday, October 21, 2013

Survival Mon-Thurs

Day 21: 31 Day Challlenge

Some time ago, a friend and I were discussing how we get it all done. She had paid me a compliment saying, "I'm just amazed at how you do all that you do." And I confessed, "Girl, Mon. - Thurs. it is all about survival in our house."

Take tonight, I hit home just after six and my husband was on an errand so I started dinner and then went up to change. The littles were playing nicely in sister's room but after I greeted them, they came downstairs and the barrage of requests began. "Mom, come color with me." "Mom, some?" "Mom can I have money for x,y, z?" "I'm thirsty!" "She hit me!" "Mom!"

So quickly chaos decended. While waiting for dinner, we worked on vocabulary and flash cards and discussed Halloween costumes. After dinner, the Red Sox fan took the dog outside for a bath as I took the littles up to the shower and our oldest began homework. On the way to the shower my guy peed twice on the floor. Later, after the littles were fast asleep and I was heading upstairs for bed, I found my guy sleeping naked and my oldest tucked into our bed.

Lunches aren't made yet and the alarm will ring in six hours to start all over again.

Tonight, I have thought more than once that there must be a better way to get it all done- the regular housework and menu planning/cooking, kids activities, discipleship, learning time, therapy, home remodeling, self care.

Every minute is a choice of priority and efficiency, like not to attend the HOA and scout council meetings this week for more kid time.

The Lord did not mean for us to just survive. He wants us to thrive. Not to be superwoman, but to trust the only truly super hero - Jesus. Learning to lean into that trust, be accessible for the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, and deny my need to join everything or have everything planned out is a lifelong journey. So how do I do all that I do manage to do? By the grace of God.