Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top Ten Things My Allume Friends Should Know

I'm so excited to be going to the Allume Bloggers conference in seven weeks! In fact, I'll be celebrating my 40th birthday on the first day of Allume! This will be my second year attending this amazing conference and I am eager to meet more amazing women and soak up more inspiration.

So, here are some things my Allume friends should know about me:

1. I am an extrovert. I get energized by big gatherings, love meeting people and enjoy talking about or revisit the day before going to bed.

2. I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle but am also a sugar addict. I seek balance so I likely will try to workout each day. This is the biggest area of struggle in my life.

3. I am a tech junkie and will always have my smartphone, ipad or laptop on hand. I will bring a surge protector to be sure all things can charge. I am also active on social media and will check Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest constantly and even before going to bed.

4. I will bring pampering items to do mini facials and hand and feet treatments to ease conference tired feet!

5. I love taking photos.

6. I have been known to fall asleep sitting up. I go and go and then when I hit a wall, I am out for the night.

7. Coffee with stevia and cream is my go-to wake me up.

8. I will likely pack more than I need but I am driving so that is okay, right?

9. I love DIY, crafting and scrapbooking and am in the middle of a home remodel.

10.  I suffer from superwomen syndrome - I take on way more than I should with the desire to be active in my kids lives, be a strong advocate, a valued coworker, etc..