Thursday, October 18, 2012

Travel Tips Retake

I should have taken my own advice. I thought I would save my company some money by not checking a bag. After all, I was only going to be gone two nights. I also wanted my bag to be easily manageable in stowing in overhead bins, etc. So, I packed for a conference in a basic duffle bag and my work back pack.

Now, I am 5'1. I travel out of the Atlanta airport which is one of with largest airports in the country. I should have known better.

So, I get to the airport to find that not only was Park and Ride full, but the daily airport parking for South terminal was also full. I had to find a space in North terminal and schlep all the way inside to security. I quickly realized the error of my ways when my shoulder felt like it was out of joint by the time I made it through the first checkpoint.

And as luck would have it, my gate was the farthest gate in the terminal.

Upon arrival at Reagan International, I realized I would need to take the Metro to Bethesda = more schlepping! I even scanned the gate for a travel dolly I could purchase to no avail.

So, lesson learned. No matter how short the trip, be prepared. Have a bag with wheels What are some of your favorite travel tips?