Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Down Syndrome Awareness 21 Things to Know

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and in honor of that, I'd like to share 21 things about our two year old son and our journey:

  1. We did not know we were going to have a son with Down syndrome.
  2. It would not have mattered If we did.
  3. The doctors suspected he might have the chromosomal disorder at birth because his PDA (in his heart) had not closed, the shape of his eyes and his low muscle tone.
  4. Many pediatricians and NICU doctors are un-informed about the potential of people with Down syndrome.
  5. People don't know how to respond to the news. (Hint, say "congratulations on the birth of your child")
  6. We decided we would not treat or expect any differently from our son.
  7. We could not predict the amazing love we'd possess in our hearts for him.
  8. He brings joy wherever he goes with a winning smile and great earnestness.
  9. He works hard to do what may come naturally to others (like walk and talk).
  10. He is very curious.
  11. He loves to swing.
  12. He can feed himself.
  13. He's learning to dress himself.
  14. He can understand many words, but can only say a handful.
  15. He uses many signs to communicate.
  16. If he is not supposed to go somewhere, he'll figure out how to get there.
  17. He is very tactile.
  18. He has good fine motor skills.
  19. He goes to preschool and has many friends.
  20. He loves music and to dance.
  21. He won't wear shoes!
As you can see, our son is like many other two year olds and we are very proud of him.

On Sunday, we walk in Buddy Walk Atlanta as team Sheran Stars to help raise awareness about Down syndrome and show people the great potential people with Down syndrome have!