Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Send an eNewsletter

In my early days in public relations, I'd spend hours writing, designing and overseeing the printing of corporate newsletters that were distributed by snail mail to the company’s staff and to our customers. As I picked up the crisp, colorful stack of freshly printed newsletters and stuffed them into envelopes for shipping, I often wondered if they were actually being read. Today, with eNewsletters, we don't have to wonder. We know.

Here are the Top Five Reasons to send an eNewsletter to your clients or employees next month:

1. Feedback. We can track how many readers open the email, which stories they read, if they watch a video, click through to your website or forward to an associate. With a traditional newsletter, this type of feedback is not available. With feedback we can gain insight into what messages resonate with your audience and if our strategy is effective.

2. Cost-effective marketing. With no printing and low delivery costs, eNewsletters are a cost–effective way to stay in touch with your customers. For a penny or two per reader, you can deliver the same message to one or a million customers, host the graphics and videos online and provide tracking reports.

3. Visibility. In a tough economy, those companies that make efforts to remain visible to clients and customers that come out on top when the market turns back around. eNewsletters are a convenient way to remain “top of mind.”

4. Accessibility. The format of an eNewsletter fits into today’s busy lifestyle. Executives can take the newsletter "on the go" to read later on smart phones, PDAs or laptops.

5. Connection. eNewsletters offer a regular connection that helps to strengthen the relationship between a company and its clients or staff.

Don't get me wrong, beautifully printed magazines, brochures and annual reports still have a significant place in the marketing mix. So when clients ask if it is better to go digital, in most cases the answer is yes.