Saturday, March 6, 2010

What Not to Drink

In health and nutrition circles, people who drink a lot of sodas are in need of a beverage intervention. While Clinton and Stacy did not show up at my door (and I wish they would),  during this Lenten season I chose to abstain from soft drinks. I am also pregnant and I know there are better options for me to be drinking. We are a couple weeks in and I do say I miss my daily diet coke, but I have been trying other beverage options and have been pleasantly surprised.

I drink water all day from a large water bottle I keep at my desk. So, when I go out to a restaurant I like to have something with a a little taste and sometimes, I need a little kick too. So, I have been ordering sweet tea. Basically, having grown up in the South, you would think sweet tea would be no new thing. But I just never had a taste for it. Maybe being pregnant has changed that or my taste buds have grown up. But it really is pretty good. However, from a calorie-saving perpective, I still needed a better option.

For a refreshing, yet low cal, beverage option I have been trying Propel Powder Packets in citrus organge. These small, portable packets are perfect to add to my water bottle while in the car or at work. The taste is refreshing and the drink comes with added calcium and vitamins. I will definitely keep this on hand and am looking forward to trying other flavors. If you would like to try Propel Powder Packets - here is a link for a coupon

So, what are your favorite beverage options?  Have you given up sodas? Maybe it is time to trade in your current beverage wardrobe for some more stylish and healthy alternatives. Clinton and Stacy would approve.