Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stories that Bring Home True Meaning of Easter

I admit that I struggle with keeping the focus on Christ with all the fuss about the Easter Bunny. The kids are looking for baskets of candy while I try to direct them to the gift we will receive at the Resurrection. This season of Lent has flown by me. Literally every week so far this year, at least one of my family members has been ill. Dealing with that added chaos amidst our typical chaos of two working parents, three kids, therapy, activities, and school, I haven't done the Lenten journey I had hoped. That is why I am glad I have the book Easter stories to help bring the messages of Easter and the Resurrection home through nightly bedtime stories.

Easter Stories is a compilation of short stories written by multiple authors including C.S. Lewis, Oscar Wilde and Anton Checkhov.  This group of classic tales illuminates the true meaning of the season in easily digestible bites. With both spiritual value and literary quality, these stories are ones you will read over and over, season to season.

The stories would make great post dinner time reading followed by discussion of the meaning each story holds. You might also enjoy reading them at bedtime. There are stories within the anthology that are appropriate for all ages and they can be told year-round. This is one book to keep on the family bookshelf and enjoy throughout the years.

So, while I have not done a Jesse tree or Lenten calendar filled with daily crafts and Bible lessons for the kids, and I haven’t even done the best job with my Lenten sacrifice, I am thankful for this tool to share classic, scripture-based messages with my family.

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