Friday, March 27, 2015

Move Over American Girl, Jesus Sees Us Doll Teaches More Important Lessons

Kids love dolls. So, I can't believe it took this long for someone to come up with a doll for Jesus but two mothers of preschool- aged children, have produced the new Jesus Sees Us doll and book for families who want to start or continue the conversation about Jesus and Faith with their little ones.  

With Easter Sunday just a week away, Jesus Sees Us could be a great Easter basket surprise. Just as American Girl dolls set out to teach girls about how girls lived in different periods of history, the Jesus Sees Us doll is a way for children to connect to Jesus in a most engaging and relatable way. The doll serves as a reminder for children that Jesus is always with them, comforting them when they are struggling and celebrating their victories!

I have been searching for tools to assist us in teaching our two youngest children about Jesus on their level.  My youngest certainly does not have the attention span for verbal lessons or books alone and animated and visual options come up short when communicating the true message of Christ’s presence in our lives.

I'm hoping that having the Jesus Sees Us doll around to play with will help them interact with our Savior in a more personal way.
The creators encourage Jesus Sees Us to sit with us at dinner, say evening prayers with us and even be a sleeping companion. Kids can even re-enact the Biblical stories with their Jesus Sees Us doll.  

The doll has a soft body Doll with a hard molded head, a warm and loving face and inviting, open arms. It is accompanied by a hard cover lesson book, appropriate for kids ages 2-6 that includes illustrated Biblical stories of Jesus with Scripture reference and correlating lesson on how we can model our behavior like Jesus today.

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