Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why every mom needs a night out

This weekend marks the opening weekend of a movie I've been dying for all my mom friends to go see - Mom's Night Out. Starring Sara Drew (Grey's Anatomy), Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond), Sean Austin (Rudy, Goonies) and country singer Trace Atkins, Mom's Night Out is a hilarious and uplifting look at the struggles us mom face while trying to be everything to everybody. 

I was lucky enough to see previews of the movie at two conferences I attended last year and then my husband and I went to a full screening earlier this year. From the opening scene, I totally related to the character played by Sara Drew. As she stood in the church bathroom about to lose it and fighting with the automatic towel dispenser, I whispered this could be me.

To regain her sanity Alison, played by Drew, decides she needs a night out and recruits two friends who also could use a break (one is played by Patricia Heaton). What follows is a comical take of mishap and good intentions resulting in a powerful lesson all mom's should hear.

A surprising highlight in the film is Bones, the character played by Trace Atkins. A tough guy with a soft side he leads a thrilling rescue and speaks truth into these ladies lives. 

Mom's night out is a perfect choice for a girl's night or even a date night. My husband truly enjoyed it and there is plenty of action in there for the guys. I hope you will join me in supporting the film on its opening weekend. Check here for a theater that is playing it near you and enjoy this preview below.