Wednesday, March 5, 2014

St. Patricks Day DIY Decor and more!

Today is a full day for my blog! First, it is spread the word to end the word day. Second, today kicks off the Shazzy Fitness 7 day fitness challenge. And third, I have a new St. Patrick's day craft to share and I'm co-hosting a Google+ Craft Blog Link Up.

Let's get started!
I am hoping you'll join me in pledging #respect for persons with intellectual disabilities and refrain from using the "R" word anymore. See my post on this explaining why even casually using the words retard or retarded is hurtful and offensive.

This morning, I kicked off the seven day fitness challenge: Move, Groove, Amen with a ten minute dance video from Shazzy Fitness DVD In The Beginning. My friend Kristy has launched this great fitness company with inspiring dance fitness videos you'll want to try out! I'll be giving away a DVD later this week so stay tuned!

And now to crafting! 

This week I was in the mood for St. Patricks day and thought I'd make some decor for my house. I went to Michaels and got the supplies: A wood plaque, green paint, sparkly white letters and some sparkly green card stock. I added to that my trimmer, scissors and Modge Podge. 

First, I painted the wood this festive green color with two coats, letting it dry in between.

Next I put my green paper on the wood plaque and traced a section where the curves are, Cut the paper to fit, and then adhered it to the wood with a layer of Modge Podge under and over the paper. The Modge Podge over the entire sign made the paint have a nice sheen to it.

Last, I adhered the glittery letters to the sign as well as some homemade shamrocks I made out of the remnant glittery green paper. I'm still considering adding some ribbon on the top and bottom of the paper seem. What do you think?

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