Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shazzy Fitness Giveaway

This has been quite a week. Sunday my littlest awoke from his nap very cranky and then didn't want to eat much. He did eat a little hot dog, some milk and Cheetos..which came back up later that evening! The poor little guy was up most of the night. It was really his first time being sick like that and he was a trooper.

Tuesday morning, my oldest said she was not feeling very well. She was all dressed, and so excited, for a big chorus performance her school was participating in. Before we could leave the house, she got sick. Then, I went to the doctor for pre-op for a surgery I am having on Thursday and by the time I got home, my stomach was churning. Next, my husband came home from work not feeling well and finally, my other daughter threw up on her way home from school. So there we all were last night with buckets and trash cans nearby - all sick together. Except for my little guy who was looking for trouble.

Well, it was a rough night,  but now we are on the mend and I am mentally preparing for surgery. Its to fix a side effect of PCOS and the crazy hormonal issues I have to deal with. Prayers would be appreciated!

Well, before all of this sickness, I was participating in a seven day fitness challenge with Shazzy I did a review of the Shazzy Fitness workouts last November. This week, I get to give away two heart thumping, soul lifting dance fitness DVDs here on the blog! Enter below. The giveaway ends on Sunday.
Fitness. My friend Kristy started Shazzy Fitness inspired to provide a work out that is uplifting, challenging and appropriate. She's been working hard to share Shazzy with the world. Be sure to check it out at