Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pantry DIY Part Two

Last week I shared how we turned a gaping hole where a double oven used to be into a new pantry.

This week I'll share what we did with the old pantry to address a traffic flow issue in our kitchen. Below if the before picture. This was our primary pantry and it sits, next to the refrigerator, in the walkway from the Kitchen to our eating area. This is an area of high traffic and the opening of the pantry doors and fridge doors is inconvenient When we moved in there were no shelves in the pantry so we hasitly cut wood shelves and had not gotten around to painting them. 

The Solution: 

We moved most of the food into our new pantry which sits next to our stove. This old pantry got a fresh coat of paint and now is the home to our baking products, supplies (such as mixers, baking sheets, etc.) and appliances that are not used frequently. This has reduced the daily in and out of the pantry which helps with traffic flow. 

Don't you just feel good when you reorganize?

In the plan for our future kitchen renovation, I hope to move both pantries to a different area of the kitchen, which now holds one of those built in desks and is a clutter catcher. I want to built a large, pantry there with all kitchen essentials inside and completely reconfigure the flow of the kitchen. But for now, this solution has been really helpful.

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