Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Craft a Happy Home: Transformation Tuesday

I think part of harvesting a memorable life depends on building upon the foundation of a happy home; a place where you just belong and will look back on fondly in years ahead. So, since we have moved in just about a year ago, we have been slowly making our 40 year old home our home. Our happy place where we will build memories and teach life lessons and share in joys and sorrows and always, always welcome a return home.

One of the most noticeable projects we have worked on so far is the transformation of our interior brick walls from the original brick to a white wash. The interior of our main level had a dark corner where a huge brick wall stands in our entry and our living room. This left our primary living space a little dark and dreary. We did two things to help brighten the space and make it more friendly. First, we installed a skylight when we replaced our roof. Secondly, we painted the brick.

We used a concrete/masonry primer initially and both rolled and cut in the paint in the deeply recessed grout. It took some elbow grease. Once we got the primer on, we used two coats of a glossy white trim paint.

Now, we have to install our mantle and mount our TV above it. I really think it brightened up the space and softened the feel of the room.