Friday, December 6, 2013

Craft a Healthy Life: Protein Powder Review

It is fitness Friday! On my journey to adapt a whole food, clean eating lifestyle, protein shakes are one of my go-to breakfasts. However, I need to stay away from whey and soy protein and want them to be sugar free and all-natural (no fake sweeteners). Another goal is for them not to break my bank. So for the past month I have tried PureGreen Protein (Chocolate, $32) and Garden of Life Raw Meal (chocolate, $39).  That equals less than $2 per day for breakfast when you include the other ingredients in my smoothies.

Nutritionally, these two powders are very close in ingredients (ingredients for RAW and ingredients for PureProtein). I use one scoop of powder (about 130 calories per scoop), unsweetened almond milk, a handful of frozen berries and sometimes a handful of raw spinach.

While neither of these are as tasty as other off-the-shelf protein powders, for the all natural powders these are good choices. Between these two, RAW Meal wins hands down. It is less gritty and has a better chocolate taste. It also has a sweeter taste (with natural Stevia and Brown rice sweetener).   PureGreen Protein is fairly gritty and I had to include a half a banana to give it the right level of sweetness.

I would love to hear your suggestions for protein powders in the comments below.