Sunday, October 6, 2013

Superwoman and the Daisies

Day 6 of 31 Days: Superwoman and the Daisies

After quite a late night with the slumber party, I  could have stayed home and relaxed, but instead I cleaned up after the party, cooked several advance meals for the week ahead (hard boiled eggs, chili,  chicken enchiladas and chicken soup), washed and put away laundry and led our first Daisy Girl Scout meeting.

With all we have going on, leading another Girl Scout troop was the last thing on my mind. Then, at an organizational meeting, we were basically told we had like six-eight quality years left with our daughters. Knowing I had given the time for six years leading my oldest's troop, I felt my hand going up to volunteer gain. I met a new friend who will be co-leading with me and am actually pretty excited about doing it again, now that I know the ropes a bit.

So, this afternoon, we held our first meeting. It went much smoother this second time around. As we gathered at the local park, the girls colored Daisy petal coloring pages and made their own name tags.

During our circle time, we learned why Juliett Gordon Lowe was called "Daisy," talked bout our own nicknames, learned the Silver and Gold song, did a nature scavenger hunt and had a snack. The girls had a lot of fun; it was so fun seeing their cute little faces sharing about themselves. It was sweet knowing I'd get to watch them grow to be young ladies. As we were walking to our car after the meeting C. tells me "you're a good leader mommy." Whew, I did okay! That was so worth the fact the I was bone tired by the time we got home. This will be good. This is the good stuff.