Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not Acceptable

"Not Acceptable" is a powerful and compelling 30 second public service announcement which gives voice to a variety of diverse minority communities. While racial and anti-gay slurs are no longer accepted in every day conversations, the "R" word is still used both toward people with intellectual disabilities and even jokingly toward oneself or one's friends when they do something silly, unthoughtful or irresponsible. Let's spread the word that using the "R" word is simply not acceptable.

People with intellectual disabilities should be seen as unique individuals and respected for the amazing gifts they possess and share so willingly with others. Each person has a story to tell. They are individuals with the same feelings, desires, hopes and dreams that we all have. For many, the fight to reach those dreams will be fought harder than you or I could ever imagine. Let's celebrate those who are really more a like us than different. Ban the "R" word from your vocabulary today.

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