Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project Life

Happy New Year! A few years ago I began an intentional journey to capture the every day moments of life through photography and scrapbooking. Though I have been a scrapbooker and photo taker since I was a kid, most of my albums capture the big events in life. Now I want to also cherish the daily details that make up who we are, how we think - the stuff of life. My first project was A Week in The Life inspired by Ali Edwards in 2006. I am looking forward to doing that album again because our life has changed so dramatically since then including two additional children!

In 2010, I embarked on the Project Life method of capturing life's daily moments created by Becky Higgins. The first year I did a handmade version because her kits sold out. The second year I got a kit and have almost completed 2011 (got behind in journaling on the cards). I am excited to launch 2012 and will use this blog to share my progress.

My goals for Project Life 2012 are to stay up-to-date, to include my family in the picture taking and journaling, to use it as a tool to better my photography skills using the photo-a-day method and to tell the story of our lives one day at a time.

I will still capture the big events through full size pages and each of my child's albums, but I will intentionally focus on creativity every day (or at least every week) with Project Life. In upcoming posts, I will share organization tips, photo inspirations, journal prompts and a peek at my Project Life. Stay-tuned!