Monday, December 19, 2011

Craft Room Envy

So I must confess Pinterest is my new obsession. I have been on it for two weeks now and have a complete surge of creative energy and a notebook full of projects to try! Just a few more days and I will be glad to be out of the office for a week and in my scrap room!!! Before I let the creativity commence, I plan on doing a little craft room organization.

We moved in our home in August and I am not totally satisfied with my room set up. I also have a whole 1-1/2 shelving units of stamp sets to somehow incorporate in my room. This weekend, I found these cute crates at my local dollar store and scored almost 30 of them for my room. I will likely need more.

I plan to store sets by category in each crate, take a picture of each set and make a label as well as a proof sheet for each crate. Then I will use this catalog system using a paper towel holder and some rings (found on pinterest), so I can easily locate the set I need.

My colors will be teal, green and black and I cant wait to get started. In my search for ideas, I came across this amazing room! I am so inspired to use things on-hand in new ways! Sew Many Ways...: Sewing/Craft Room Ideas and Updates...

If you have any craft room organization ideas, please share!