Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Resolution Keeping: Bible Reading Plan for 2012

On my previous post, I outlined a plan for keeping my resolutions in 2012. This is part two of a series that will track my plans and progress on keeping these goals. I'd love to hear from you on how you keep your resolutions. This week, I am focusing on have a daily devotion time and growing in God's word.

The Challenge: I seem to constantly be on the go, so to have a daily quiet time is often a struggle for me however, it is the most important time I can spend each day. Starting your day with God is so important that my company begins each week in a time of staff devotion. But setting aside this time for myself requires discipline and a plan of action.

Last year, I found a Bible reading plan online which provides a document with four, two-sided bookmark guides for reading through the Old Testament and New Testament in a year. The plan calls for two New Testament and two Old Testament readings each day. Well, last year I intended to laminate these bookmarks and begin, but the worksheet stayed in my daily action folder for weeks before I finally gave up.

The Plan: So this year, my plan was to get up early each morning and use these bookmarks to direct my Bible reading as I drank my morning coffee. I did well the first few days, but I struggled to get all four readings in before I had to turn my attention to getting three kids ready for school, two dogs cared for and myself off to work. If I missed a day, I felt pressured to "catch up" and read the previous day's readings as well as the present day readings the following morning. I realized that I was rushing through the readings instead of meditating on the Word and I might not be able to keep up with this set pace. So, I gave myself some slack.

The Revision: My Realistic Bible Reading Plan for 2012

Moving forward, I am going to focus on the Old Testament readings each day. I chose the Old Testament because I am reading The Story with my daughter, which begins in the OT. The Story is a concise, 31-chapter abridged chronology of the Bible, presented as one continuous story from beginning to end.They have versions for toddlers, young children, youth, teens and adults so it is a great family devotional experience.

By narrowing my focus, I have less a chance of feeling overwhelmed and will more likely stick to my goal.

I have made two copies of my bookmarks so that I can have them in my Bible at home and in my Bible at work. That way, if I miss a morning session, I can read during lunch at the office. In fact, I might just make a PDF of each bookmark to have on my iPhone so I can use my Bible Gateway App to read from my iPhone while on the go.

Hopefully, by setting realistic expectations, identifying a daily reading time (as well as back ups) and equipping myself with my reading plan in multiple locations, I will meet my goals but more importantly, I will grow in the knowledge of God's plan for us and increase my understanding of God's will and plan for my life.