Friday, October 28, 2011

Siri and Make Life Easier

People often ask me how I handle working full-time in a busy agency environment, commuting, actively mothering three kids and serving on a nonprofit board. Well, aside from a lot of prayer (and a little wine), technology plays a big role in keeping me organized and efficient.

The iPhone has been a game changer for me. There truly is an app for everything. My favorite task-oriented app has been Rememberthemilk. Accessible online, and on my iphone, I am able to keep track of my life and my many roles. I have lists for work, for my volunteer organizations, for networking, for scrapbooking goals, photography challenges and even for capturing ideas for a book I'd like to write.

Now my life tracking just got easier thanks to iPhone 4s and Siri. I can now use Siri to add items to Rememberthemilk. I simply speak into Siri and poof, my tasks are magically added! This is especially good because I usually get flooded with ideas or have 'to do' lists running through my head while I am commuting. Now I can safely capture those passing ideas while on-the-go.

Check out how to set it up here.