Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Purpose and Pause: Planning for a Remarkable Year

Happy New Year! 

I love turning the page on a new year with the promise of new beginnings ahead. It is that time of year to assess where you have been and make adjustments for the year ahead to get where you want to be. It is also the time of year where good intentions are likely to fade within a few weeks. So how can you act now to set yourself up for success?

As the old adage goes, fail to plan and you plan to fail. Setting a little time aside to reflect on your goals and make an action plan to meet them will go along way to increasing your odds for success. Returning to those goals and working your plan consistently is where true success is realized.

I have created the Purpose and Pause 2015 Planner as a tool to do just that. Crafting a remarkable life takes both purpose and pause, my multi-functional planner serves as a tool to visualize your ideal life, set goals to achieve your vision, layout a healthy living strategy, plan for daily work and play, track your progress, and capture your most memorable moments along the way!

I am excited to be testing this planner with a few friends this year and plan to have the 2016 version ready to go to market by end of summer. To help you plan a remarkable 2015, I am sharing with you my goal setting tools for a remarkable 2015! Download your free 4-page goal planner here. I would love your feedback!