Monday, November 3, 2014

Homemade Halloween Minions

This Halloween, my gang decided they wanted to be Minions. After a Pinterest search, I came up with a plan to make our own costumes and set out to find the various components: yellow shirts, overalls, yellow hats, black gloves, goggles and a Minion logo. I knew the cheapest place to find the clothing items would be The Goodwill so I searched high and low and fell a little short. I only found overall dresses for me and Annie ($5.60 each).

The next stop was Walmart where i scored two adult yellow shirts ($7 each), black gloves ($1x4), and two pairs of kid size overalls ($8 each). However, I could not find yellow hats or yellow shirts for my little people. My solution was $1 white hats (x4) and two white long sleeve shirts ($4x2) that I would dye yellow.

The dye project was only partly successful. The yellow shirts took perfectly to the RIT dye ($3) and matched the other yellow shirts exactly. However, the white hats did not take at all. Time for plan B. I tried yellow craft paint that I had on hand. The paint covered the hat but did take a while to dry. Because I was running out of time, we decided to try spray paint ($4). I put the hats over cans outside and sprayed them all around. It worked and by Trick or Treat time, they were dry.

Finally, we needed the tell-tale goggles worn by the little Minion creatures. I was fortunate enough to happen upon some clown sets at The Dollar Tree that came with black coke bottle glasses and clown noses ($1x4). We used the glasses and a silver paint pen ($3) to make them look like Minion goggles.

To finish off the outfit, I found a Gru Logo print out online and used double stick tape to adhere them to our overalls. I think we made for a cute bunch of Minions at approximately $52 for four costumes with the shirts, gloves, hats and overalls all able to be worn again.