Friday, October 24, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Dare

Dare to love big. This summer as I embarked on a new leg of my career journey, the Lord prompted me to love big when he expanded my heart beyond the love for my son who has Down syndrome, and even for other individuals with Down syndrome, to encompass a desire for dignity, justice, meaning for all individuals with developmental disabilities when I went to work at All About Developmental Disabilities. 

I have met amazing individuals with a strong spirit who seek inclusion in a world that still wants to exclude them. These people seek employment, desire community, want to be known and most importantly have immense worth. I am so honored to come alongside them and, with my words, help the world know that they matter. To encourage people to fight for inclusion, support and acceptance. I hope you'll join me and dare to stand up, include others and exclude the "R" word from your vocabulary.