Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bouquet of Love Smells Sweet

As a Revell book review blogger, I had the opportunity to review a light-hearted Christian romance by Janice Thompson titled A Bouquet of Love.

Set in Galveston Texas, it is the story of a Greek family, led by a patriarch who moves his family and business to the island to open up a second family restaurant. 

Already entrenched in the island is a large and vibrant Italian family who owns the pizzeria across the street.

Conflict ensues when Pappa Pappas decides he will steal all the customers away from the popular Italian restaurant across the street and declares its owners, the Rossi family mortal enemies.

Cassia Pappas is s dutiful daughter who followed the family to Galveston even as she should be embarking on her own course. With a desire to go into the floral business, Cassia's dreams are poised to come true when she is asked to help out at the local floral shop. It is here she meets and befriends several members of the Rossi family.

A third source of tension comes from the budding romance between Cassia and a Greek nursery owner who supplies flowers to the shop.

A sweet romance, with plenty of tension and comedic undertones, the book explores themes of independence, following self or staying within family expectations, friendship and family. 

The book was engaging and reminiscent of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It would also be appropriate for teenagers. 

Have you ever taken a path different from what was expected of you? 

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