Friday, January 31, 2014

Do you have Bag Lady Syndrome?

I have to confess. I have serious bag envy. I love all kinds of bags but have yet to find the bag. With all of the travel I have been doing lately, the need for a bag to consolidate all my stuff has become more evident. Yes, I admit. I have it. Bag Lady Syndrome.

You know us. You see us as we enter the office building with professional laptop bag in one hand, large mom bag in another, a lunch bag and sometimes even a gym bag. We look ridiculous. But we are exactly who you would want to be trapped in an elevator with. We have got you covered.

Or maybe you have seen us at the park. Large diaper bag strung across the stroller with a separate cooler, a quilt and a bag to hold all our children's toys. On the plane, your forced into just two bags so you work wonders to stuff your backpack and carry on with all the necessities of business travel.

Bag Lady Syndrome doesn't just hit us as adults, it is ingrained in us when we are young. My oldest actually received the pre-K graduation superlative of "most likely to carry the world in her bag" and my five year states that if she got a "Stuffies" for Christmas, she'd be able to keep her room clean cause it holds so much stuff!

So imagine my delight when, channel surfing over Thanksgiving break, I happen upon a momprenuer segment of The Katie Couric Show. She had me at hand bag. 

Sherrill W. Mosee, had a problem and decided to create a solution. A few years ago, Mosee was working at her nonprofit organization when she noticed student moms struggling to carry everything they needed for school and their children. They needed a purse, diaper bag and book bag. She realized that she was just like them, carrying three bags to work—a purse, laptop bag and lunch bag. However, she couldn't find a fashionable handbag that would eliminate the need to carry multiply bags and keep her organized.

Determined to find a better way, Mosee decided to put her engineering degree to work and make one.

MinkeeBlue handbags are innovative bags with a folding divider that creates an upper and lower compartment to better organize and separate items. The upper compartment is used to carry your essentials like wallet, make-up, keys, cell phone, sunglasses and other personal items. The lower compartment holds a thermo insulated insert bag. The insert bag can be used to keep food cool or warm, store baby items, toiletries or any other items you want to separate from your essentials in the upper compartment. When you’re not using the insert bag, you can store just about anything else in the lower compartment like shoes, clothing, or snacks. 

The handbags also include a padded slip pocket to store your laptop, padded shoulder strap, and side pockets for water. When the folding divider is in its open position, it converts from a two compartment handbag to a full tote bag providing functionality and versatility. Items from up to three bags can be stored in one MinkeeBlue handbag. 

And these are fashionable bags (15.5”L x 6”W x 13.5”H) made of high quality synthetic leather, available in two styles and four colors; black, brown/cream, red, and blue. MinkeeBlue Baby includes a changing pad. MinkeeBlue Travel includes a lingerie bag. MinkeeBlue just might be the ultimate handbag for work, travel and mom. I can't wait to be among the first to own a Minkee Blue bag.

For more information about MinkeeBlue and to view a demonstration video, visit What would you put in your bag? Share your bag lady solutions in the comments below.