Saturday, October 12, 2013

A trip to Colorado brings some Super-sized perspective

Day 12: 31 Days: Super Perspective

Scenes from my trip to Colorado Springs and Denver. It was a good trip but I am so happy to be home.

God's amazing creation. The Rocky Mountains are so majestic. Here, I'm not too far from Pikes Peak. God can move mountains. What mountains do you need Him to move in your life?

Wednesday morning, Passages hosted a pastors and teacher appreciation breakfast and several scholars were there talking about the collection as well as how we can be confident in the accuracy of today's scriptures. It is truly amazing how the Bible has survived throughout time and remains the same now, today and forever. Later, I spoke at a luncheon with media and local communicators. 

Back at the Hilton Antlers Inn that evening, I enjoyed a bison burger and sweet potatoe chips compliments of two 1968 Olympians who were reuniting and whom I helped get a picture in front of the Olympic flag. Olympic and Paralympic athletes were at the hotel for a conference. I kept watch out for Apollo Uno. I admire the fortitude and strength these athletes must have to reach their goals. Do I take my challenges on with as much dedication? What in your life needs Olympic-size determination?

The next day, I had some local Chili before trying to beat the front coming in as I head to Denver. It took forever with traffic thru the city some 5mph at many times. (I thought I left Atlanta!)

After picking up my client from the airport, we headed to the Trinity Broadcasting Network for a taping of Praise The Lord. It was an interesting experience being part of the studio audience.

This was a good trip overall, with time to ponder questions about priorities, time and faith while enjoying the majesty of the mountains.