Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three Things I Appreciate About My Children's Teachers

Tonight I attend my second school open house of the season. This one for my kindergartener. We have
My oldest hiding from momaratzie at her Open House
been in school three weeks now and are getting into a groove - lunches packed in the evening, homework done prior to enjoying an after school snack, extra-curricular activities starting up. It is going to be a busy year.

I have found that my children's teachers have some creative ideas for keeping me informed and my kids engaged at school.

Three things I appreciate about my children's teachers so far:

  1. Texting me and my daughter her home work assignments daily
  2. Sending pictures home on Fridays of my little guy in action throughout the week
  3. Creative activities for introducing my kindergartner to her new school (search for the gingerbread man)
I should also mention the school Facebook groups and weekly eNewsletters that help me stay on top of all the news, events and information. I also absolutely love that my children's schools are so close. There is a community touch that I never experienced at the three other schools my oldest has attended. While it is a bit daunting that we belong to three charter schools, which means a lot of volunteering, I feel more involved and part of a community than I ever have with my kids schools. (Perhaps the fact that I attended the same schools has something to do with it).

Anyway, I am very hopeful about the year ahead as my kids are making new friends and getting involved in fun activities - these are the things that truly harvest a memorable life!