Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Family Mic Night: Songs Harvest Family Memories

Well, it is back to school week and it has been a blur of drop offs, pick ups, signing papers,
scheduling all the open houses, packing lunches and signing up for school newsletters, Facebook groups and parent portals! I'm exhausted and it is only Wednesday! I sent three off this year to pre-K, kindergarten and middle school. It has been a milestone week.

A review of syllabi shows we have a lot to learn this year. (And I do mean we - it is a group effort right?) I love this post at MyKidsAdventures today about making family connections and memories by using family jingles. It really resonates because I have a thing for creating jingles all the time. The use of song can really motivate kids and make a strong "inside joke" connection within the family.

Some songs are completely funny, such as this song about cantaloupe my oldest and I made up when she was young. We cannot eat cantaloupe without thinking about it.

The Cantaloupe Song by A and J Sheran

Cantaloupe, Cantaloupe, Canta lopey, lopey, lope
Cantaloupe is round, cantaloupe is bumpy
Cantaloupe is orange, cantaloupe is yummy
Cantaloupe, cantaloupe, canta lopey, lopey, lope!

The My Name is Carlie song was made up by a nanny of Carlie to teach her how to spell her name.

C A R, L I E
My name is Carlie

So, we made up one for our youngest.

Joey, Joey he's our guy!

The Baby Carlie song was made up at bedtime when she was an infant.

Baby Carlie, Baby Carlie
I love you, I love you
You're my little angel
Aaand I love you
Yes, I do
Yes, I do

We also, have songs about our dogs and I make things up on the fly to get them to go to bed or get in the car. However, I have never thought of jingles as an educational tool for remembering addresses, phone numbers, and other info. This actually makes a lot of sense! (I still remember the tune 867-5309) I don't play an instrument (yet - Bucket List item to learn to play guitar) and I do not have the best singing voice (understatement), but it is still a joyful noise to the Lord when our family has fun and connects with one another through song.

What about you? Do you have any family jingles?