Thursday, July 11, 2013

Having "The Talk" with Your Tween

Recently I shared what I hope will be a special memory between my oldest and me. We joined two other mother/daughter friends for a special time exploring what the girls will be facing as they enter middle and high school and the importance of making choices that protect their purity throughout this journey.

We talked about the changes in their bodies, differences between boys and girls, the birds and the bees and God's plan for intimacy between a married man and a woman. We discussed choosing the right friends, how to handle peer pressure, who to turn to for advice and our guidelines for dating.

The best part was we didn't have to come up with the discussion by ourselves. We used a program FamilyLife, called Passport2Purity. It includes a set of CDs, a Travel Journal for your tween and a Travel Tour Guidebook that outlines everything for the weekend including a planning checklist, a suggested schedule, what to pack as well as items needed for the activities.

We settled in on Friday evening and did two sessions with pizza in between. Each session included an audio portion led by Dennis or Barbara Rainey (with reflections from teens and sometimes parents), a hands on activity to illustrate the point of the lesson, and a set of questions for the girls to answer in their journals and discuss with us.

After an early breakfast the following morning, we did three more sessions and then broke up for a one-on-one lunch with our tween. Unfortunately, our weekend was cut short so we had to squeeze all the sessions in before noon on Saturday. I think it would have been a little better if we did one session Saturday morning and then a group fun activity before the next session and had a break before the final session. Nevertheless, it was a weekend of growth for all of us and I am so glad we discussed this topic maturely, safely and surrounded by God's guidance. Like any Christian mom, I am in deep prayer for these tumultuous years that lie ahead. May she walk in God's grace.

I highly recommend the FamilyLife Passport2Purity program!

(Disclosure: I did PR for FamilyLife regarding this program  a year ago but am not being paid for this review, which reflects my own opinion about the program based on our experience)

You are beginning the journey into adolescence and the world of Middle School, which brings forth a new set of challenges. You’ll be facing peer pressure, developing friendships with boys and experiencing new situations where you will be faced with making decisions. We want you to be equipped  to make decisions based on your values and faith. We want you to know whom you can turn to when it gets confusing. And we want to help you build a strong relationship with you and with God. Let the journey begin….