Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Making Margin for God

mondaysI am joining a link up of my friend, and Bible teacher, Joanne Ellison to help focus myself on making space for God in this new year. This week, Joanne discussed making margin in our mornings for God and gave three tips: 1. Greet God each morning upon awaking 2. Offer him your day. "Here is my calendar. Have it your way" 3. Pray that your eyes and ears will be open to hear His voice during your day. 
I can certainly make time to greet God, let him know I want to hear from him today and that my plans bend to His ultimate plans for my day.

I am also making space for God by dedicating some time each day to Bible reading. I got off track last year and hope to be more disciplined about my scripture reading and devotion time. I use the Gateway Bible App on my ipad and have chosen a one year reading plan that follows the structure of the canon.

Another goal I had last year was to read the Bible and Bible stories to my children. I have found The Story to be an excellent way to share God's word with my kids and there is a version for every age group. I will set aside a time for family devotion so we can be on the journey together.

Finally, I am committed to family prayer at meal time. Meal-time prayer is a practice we have never done consistently and which neither of us were used to doing growing up, except at "special" dinners. My four year old has spontaneously asked for us to pray at meals this week, especially for Grandma and Hogan. I think that is the spirit urging me to pay attention to discipleship at home and to developing a family devotion to our Lord.

What about you? How are you making space for God in your mornings?