Friday, November 9, 2012

Quiet, what's that?


Quiet. That elusive word. I long for quiet and stillness sometimes but am still thankful for the noise. That little voice waking me before dawn wanting me to go downstairs and get breakfast. That soft dog with a deep bark, rousing me out of bed for food. The voice of my toddler trying so hard to form words. Yes, even the smart tone from my preteen that reminds me how uncool I am. Quiet and stillness is unattainable at this life stage. From the "To Do' lists that run through my head on the way to work to the sounds of a busy office and phones and my fingers on the keys during the day. Someday I will dwell in quiet and will long for the days that were filled with noise. But for now I cherish every 5 minute break as I type with one eye half closed ready to crash into bed.