Monday, July 25, 2011

Top 20 Items to Pack For Business Travel

The following are some things I have found to be handy when traveling for business (or just about any occasion). If your job requires frequent travel, it would be efficient to keep your suitcase packed with many of these essentials so you are always ready to go!
  1. A smart phone with a quick link to Delta for easy on-the-go flight changes (get ahead of those heading to the ticket counter when a flight is canceled)
  2. A really good carry-on that fits under your seat (so you won't need to worry about overhead bin space)
  3. Business cards and a holder to capture cards
  4. Professional and comfortable travel shoes (such as foldable ballet slippers for a quick change of shoes)
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Umbrella
  7. Light sweater or scarf/wrap for cold conference halls
  8. Small purse that fits in your carry on for dinners out
  9. Extra pair of contacts (Just in case)
  10. Tums and Beano (you'll be eating new things)
  11. Ibuprofen
  12. Chargers for all electronic devices
  13. Camera (capture your trip!)
  14. Breath mints
  15. Silk sleeping bag (have you seen those 20/20 hotel cleanliness specials?)
  16. Sewing kit, including safety pins and fusable tape for on-the-go hemming
  17. A lint roller
  18. Extra creamer for morning coffee in your room
  19. Travel pillow
  20. Portable exercise bands (No excuse not to have a quick workout)